Congrats Courtney & Austin!

Hall and Oats meets Star Wars… WHHHAATTT!!! How do you describe a wedding that is officiated by Hall and Oats ( not the real guys obviously) and a Star Wars second line complete with the Star Wars theme song and a bride in a wedding dress that is black and grey and with pockets, yes […]

Christmas time is the perfect time of year to get married. It is also the perfect time of year to rock a vintage look, which Paige pulled off perfectly. Paige and Mike’s venue, The Mason de Tours was nestled in a cute, quaint town in St. Martinville, La. It honestly looked like something right out […]

Nothing says New Orleans like a Catholic ceremony in one of the many beautiful Church’s (Our Lady of Guadalupe) and a jazzin’ second line through the streets of the French Quarter with Dr. Jazz. A second line has a deep history with New Orleans. When preformed after a wedding ceremony, it signifies the beginning of […]

It is not every day that you get to step outside of your territory and venture into new places, but when you do make it special and capture the moments that will be with you forever. So here we are sailing on the beautiful crystal clear waters of the Caribbean Sea on the ever so […]