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Katie reached out to me on the knot, shortly after we met up (can you guess where?) …. you guessed it at Starbucks! Y’all seriously Starbucks is my second office if not my first. Within the first few minutes I knew this was going to be a couple I could have fun with. They are so down to earth and laid back, the best part though they are so obviously in love. I mean like real, unconditional, heart felt love. I was so excited when they decided to book their wedding and engagements with me. All of this happened in February of 2017. Shortly after in May we met up on Mother’s Day to shoot the engagement session in City Park, there were people EVERYWHERE! To the left, to the right, behind us and in front of us. Katie responded with it’s ok we can make it happen! I was such a breath of fresh air to see that even though the environment and circumstances were not 100% perfect that it wouldn’t stop them and if anything they would embrace it. That is when you know someone is in love. Love is not always perfect or shiny and pretty but it is how you embrace it that matters. Tim was so clam and laid back during the whole thing, just going with the flow. Oh to be a man, they have it so easy 🙂

The day of the wedding rolled around and they were getting ready in hotels right next to each other. Oh the torture of not being able to see each other! I met up with Tim first and he was a ball of nerves and the added pressure of writing a note to Katie that I would later be entrusted to get to her. Talk about pressure on me! You could see the excitement in his eyes and him watching his watch to see the minutes ticking by before he got to see Katie. I got the warm fuzzies and it made me smile!  On to the girls! I walked in the hotel, which was locked up like Fort Knox and fortunately someone from the bridal party let me in, and there were girls and dresses everywhere! You could feel the excitement and emotion in the air. All of the girls laughing and trying to keep Katie on track. Good job ladies y’all did AMAZING! Katie is very lucky to have such a great support system and awesome group of friends. The best part about my job is watching an everyday girl transform into a beautiful bride. It is simply breathtaking and such an honor.

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I have been to and photographed a lot of church ceremonies, but this one was amazing. I don’t know what it was about it but I felt  like I connected with it and I could totally see why Katie and Tim choose here to have the wedding. St Francis Xavier Church was beyond amazing to work with. One of the best coordinators I have ever had the pleasure of working with as well. She made sure I was able to get every shot I wanted and needed and more! Thank you Mrs. Linda for all of the help in creating magical moment for Katie and Tim.

…….. is this not the cutest and sweetest brother and sister you have every seen! My heart melts watching these two dance the night away together.

The Alexander Room and Terrace was BEAUTIFUL! Perfect view of Metairie from the roof top. The staff was so helpful. I had such a great time watching so many people show love and support for the new Mr and Mrs. Congrats again Mr and Mrs O’Brian! I am truly honored that I was giving the opportunity to share your special day and create everlasting memories for y’all for years to come. You two are the perfect couple! XOXO


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  1. Carolyn Ray

    August 27th, 2017 at 8:46 pm

    Beautifully done..