Mandeville Engagement Session | Fontainebleau State Park | Brit and Alec

Being a photographer is really a gift. I was gifted the ability to be able to create memories for people, I chose people in LOVE! Capturing the love between two people is truly a remarkable moment, it floods you with emotion and warmth. I met Brit on Facebook after posting a “Tell me your story” contest. No one story was better than the other or any less special. Something about Brit’s short little paragraph stood out to me. It is as if her excitement was leaping off the page, I honestly think I could feel how joyful she was to be engaged to Alec.

“I met my fiancé almost three years ago when I first moved to Louisiana. He has been my best friend since the beginning, showing me so many amazing things about Louisiana, especially all of the amazing food! On December 31,2016, surrounded by my family and fireworks, he asked me to marry him. I am so excited to marry my best friend and continue our adventure together”

We planned the engagement session and was 100% ready to get the ball rolling. Well, Louisiana summer weather had it’s own plans. I kid you not, week after week we had to reschedule due to the rain. For a moment there we both though that Louisiana completely hated us. Finally the day had come where we said you know what we going for it and we did. It was honestly the most perfect evening for an engagement session. The waves were rolling, the wind was blowing, the sun was setting and it was partly cloudy with a 40% chance of rain. That didn’t stop us from creating something magical, something special, we created memories and ones full of love.  Congratulation Brit and Alec on your engagement. I am so happy we were finally able to do your engagements.

XO – Laura


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